Proper Settings for Rel Strata Sub

I have B&W Nautilas 805's and a REL Strata III sub woofer. Speakers are bi-wired and sub is hooked up via the supplied cable (2 channel only). I've spent some time trying to tweak the levels and setting on my sub for seamless matching. Just wondering what other A-gon members with similar monitors have their REL set at. Their are probably a thousand varibles here, but maybe your combo would be goldie locks (i.e. Just Right). Thanks.
I run a Stentor series 2 with Avalon Ascent mk-2's in a dedicated 23x13x8 room.The speakers are 8 ft. from back wall and 3 from sides.I have,after much experimentation,found the sub to run best behind the right speaker, corner loaded,but,22x22inches out of the right corner.Your speakers are pretty full range,like mine,so be judicious with gain and crossover point.Believe it or not I get GREAT results crossing over at 24 hz.and with a very low gain setting.The REL is VERY sensitive to gain setting.On a scale of one to ten,in gain,I only run it's gain at just under a ONE.I know that the average audiophile would think this too low,but,you want a seamless blend,and,you will get LINEAR bass,NOT overblown,if you set it with a light touch. Good luck!