Proper setting for my Zyx Airy 3x SB and Pass Labs

I'm sure I will have to play around with this a bit, but does anyone have recommendations for the proper setting of the phono section for this cartridge?

Any help will be appreciated <= that's like the fine print in a legal document...

I own the Zyx Airy 1000 and Pass XOno. I have tried all values between 100 and 1000 ohms (47k didn’t work for me although some members have stated that they prefer it.) Kept it at 1000 ohms for about 6 months and finally setteld on 322.03. (I remember that there is a similar setting on your Ono.) In my space, it gives me the best highs and mids, and a robust bass. I am not aware how different the 3x is from my 1000 model, however. From all I’ve read, it seems to be a superlative cartridge so congratulations on your buy.

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Okay, I screwed up in my post. I had the Aleph Ono, but I bought the XOno recently and will be using that with the Airy 3X SB.