Proper Room Dimensions/Designs/Acoustics

I have the chance to build, from ground up, a dedicated listening room. I have spoken with Dennis Foley about the proper design, dimensions etc. Does anyone have any experience either directly or indirectly with him? He designs the room, so all the diffusers/absorbers are built in, instead of using additional stand alone devices.

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Don't know him, but there are many ways to screw up a listening room. I'd take the time to educate myself so you're at least familiar with the basics of room design. I highly recommend reading Premium Home Theater by Earl Geddes. By far the most useful and approachable book on the subject I've found, and the concepts apply to stereo listening rooms as much as Home Theater. After reading it you might be able to design an excellent sounding room yourself and just hire a good contractor to help build it or even do it yourself. This is not a cheap proposition no matter which way you go, so I'd recommend arming yourself with as much info as possible before proceeding. Hope this helps and best of luck.