Proper rating of used albums

I have had good success with the purchase of used albums. It's fun to get back into vinyl. However, there are some sellers out there who will exaggerate the condition of their product. Beware...
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One would actually have to hear a used LP to rate it accurately. I think most sellers rate LP's based on visual inspection. My experience is that visual is a good indicator but no guarantee of quality. I have bought LP's that looked good and sounded poor and LP's that look suspect but sounded good. Having said all that I much prefer examining them myself before buying. I have had pretty good luck with used LP's bought locally and on audiogon. Never bought LP's on Audiogon.
I "won" an auction where I purchased 38 albums. All albums were over rated. I contacted the seller by e-mail, but he refused to give me a refund saying that I should have asked more questions before buying. As I said, they were rated on the Goldmine scale, but the albums shipped didn't match the rating given - not even close. I appealed to the staff @ Audiogon and they forced the seller to give me a refund.