Proper loading for ho mc?

My Benz specs are 2.5 mv output voltage and less than 1k impedance and 90 ohms output. My speakers are 101 db efficient.what is proper loading or specs from a preamp should I have?
Benz recommends >1000 (>1k) for their 2.5mv HO carts... go to: musical surroundings dot com, for specs. I also have a 2.5mv HO Benz... My lowish 50db gain Conrad Johnson EV-1 Phono pre, allows me to load at 9.6k... 47k is the ideal, but a little to aggressive for my 2.5mv benz... Just use your ears... 47k might sound right to you, but anything below 1K will suck for sure.
so the different loads effect mostly the treble?