Proper loading for Benz Ruby 2

I have a Pass Labs XONO, SOTA cosmos, Graham 2.2 and the Ruby2.
What is the optimum loading for this cartridge?
I plan to do a very extended listening trial after Thanksgiving but Im looking for tips.
I started with 47k ohms as I read on the web that 22k was optimum. I was pretty impressed with the music from this new rig. Seems to blow away any expectation I had. Resolution and musicality to die for!
After a week, I changed the loading to 1k ohms and listened to a few lps but could not make an extended comparison.
Any others ideas would be appreciated as when I talked to a few people at the usual lp places; they thought I was crazy to use 47k ohms.
Problem is, there is no Standard. 100Ω from Phonostage A is not identical to 100Ω from Phonostage B, same of course with 47kΩ...
you have to try it on your own, when you will find the best setting, fine. when you buy your next Phonostage, you can start the game again...
Btw. all Benz were made for 47kΩ, but they changed the description in the manual, too much problems for the dealers, too much time for it is 100Ω-47kΩ :-)
I used 475 and 825 with my Xono and Ruby 2. I'm not sure which I settled on since I replaced it with different preamp with a phono section.

I found 1k ohm to bright and below 475 the bass gets too loose. Good listening!

Relax, have a Kasteel Donker and listen to some Edgar Froese...
i spoke to the distributor (tricell in canada) about my benz ebony H and my H20 and they recommended 800 ohms for both. on my rhea, for the H20, i find that to be too dark, i float between 1000 and 5000. my ebony has a fixed 47k resistor in my foundation research V5 phono stage and it sounds fine. so i believe phono cartridges do react differently with phono stages. it's a trial and error thing, like most other aspects of this hobby.
1000 ohms is best I'm told, that's what I'm using and it sounds great. Using that load modded onto my Benz Lucaschek T-9 with custom build power supply. Sounds fantastic.. cant' wait to upgrade to Benz LP.
Lucaschek T-9 works at 22.000ohms. but it's thought and built to work at that load for the Benz Ruby and LP
If you try the same load on another phono stage you 'll see it isn't correct.
I have always loaded my Benz LP with 470ohms , to my ears the best load on the Whest Audio PS30 RDT and now on the SE
p.s. my T-9 is modded with 1 kilo-ohm mills resistor, and sounds great.
I agree with Curio.For my Benz Ruby 3S I prefer 480 ohm
above 1000Ohm . Phono stage: Basis Exclusive 2010.

I'm getting great results using 470 ohms on my Ruby 2 into a Klyne SK-2A, going into the MM phono stage of an Audible Illusions M3A. My system is generally very "live" sounding (VTL amp, Wilson speakers), so I prefer the sound of most MC's loaded down. If your system is mellower sounding to begin with, you may prefer the sound with a higher load. I don't think you can reasonably argue that there is only one "correct" loading for a given cartridge. As with everything else in this hobby, it is all system (and sample) dependent.