Proper grounding technique needed

Can someone please advise me on the proper grounding technique for phono? I have a hum which I'm trying to isolate but before I make this attempt I need to know what is the proper technique. This is what I THOUGHT was correct:

a.) Run a ground from the tonearm box to the turntable
b.) Run a ground from the turntable to the phono preamp
c.) Run a ground from the phono preamp to the line stage preamp.

Is this correct? Also, I assume any (copper) wire will due as it is only a ground. I have a hodgepodge of different wires and assume this will not make a difference. Thanks for your help.
Russel you might need to experiment with different grounding scheme's to find the preferred approach for your particular situation. Typically all grounds from the turntable should connect to the ground screw on the phono stage, ie: connect separate, equal length leads from tonearm ground & turntable ground to phono stage. Another ground from phono stage to preamp may or may not be desirable. Could also try running both the ground leads to the preamp ground screw instead vs. the phono stage ground screw; while that is not typically done it might be the better approach. If you can't work out the hum in that way then maybe experiment with your interconnect cables. Also try connecting phono stage to the preamp but leave off the turntable interconnects to see what happens / find the source of that hum via process of elimination..
Usually, the turntable does not need a ground wire nor should there be a seperate one from the phono preamp to the preamp. The arm should ground to the phono preamp. That's it. When you create multiple ground paths between components, if there is a difference in their resistance and potential, you will get hum. Experiment, as Bob suggests, but start with fewer ground paths, not more.