Proper crossover settings?

Hello All,
I'd like any help or suggestions on proper settings of crossover points for my system. I have Marantz DV8300 uni player multichannel analog outputs run to my Outlaw ICBM bass management device, then from ICBM to Outlaw 950 Pre/Pro. The 950 offers crossover settings of 40, 60, 80, etc. and so does the ICBM. I've set the speaker size in the Marantz to large in order to send full range signal to ICBM. Noting that I've set crossover points on front L/R to 40, center to 60, and surrounds to 80, (Monitor Audio suggested crossover points for my speakers) where do I set the pre/pro crossover points?

Thanks in advance!

If your pre/pro and ICBM both have full bass management, what is the point of the ICBM in the system? Is there something else you need it for?
In your setup, you need bass management for SACD/DVD-A from the ICBM and for DD/DTS/CD from the 950 (unless the 950 redigitizes the analog inputs and applies BM). You should set them to similar settings.

If the 950 redigitizes the analog inputs, you do not need the ICBM.

Another possibility is to put the ICBM between the 950 and the power amp so that it handles the BM for all sources. In this case, set the 950 for no BM (all large).