Proper connection for Snell B Minor speakers

Is there anyone in Audiogonland who knows the proper way of connecting a pair of Snell B minor speakers to a single Amplifier. The connections on the rear of the speakers have 2 sets of connectors. Going from left to right,the first pair of connectors read Low (Presumably for the woofer), The 2nd pair of connectors read high (presumably, for the midranges and tweeters), this is fine for Bi-Amping, (using two Amps). My question is when using a single amp, which pair of connectors are used, High or LOW ? Thanks
You have to use both. Either with two pairs of speaker cables, or one pair plus a jumper. There is much debate about which approach is best.
They actually came with jumpers when new. Here is a pic. You could always make some or try to find something that would work.

All you need to do is jump across the "high" and "low" positive and negative terminals.
If you are going the jumper route, look into either buying or making a jumper out of high quality wire--the speaker will sound much better with a good jumper than with the typical brass bar inserted between the terminals.