Proper amp for Dynaudio Focus 110, $2000 max

I have finally made my choice in favor of Dynaudio Focus 100. Now I need an appropriate amp for them. Knowing that these speakers need high current amps to be properly driven, I have come up with the following list of candidates:

1. NAD 375 BEE
2. NAD S-300i
3. Anthem 225
4. Krell S-300i
5. Parasound A21 + Parasound P3

I have a budget of $2000 max and the last pair really hits the upper limit, but is probably the most powerful combination.
I am not going to listen to heavy metal on those speakers, my concern is about vocal, acoustic, instrumental and rock music, maybe some classics. So if I can go with the cheapest solution to properly drive them - I won't cry about that.

What do you think?
I would add Naim to the list. The 5i (new) or XS (used) should be in your price range
+1 for the Naim. (I'm using a Naim NAP250.2 + Dynaudio Contour S1.4)

Naim and Dynaudio play extremely well together. For $2K a used Nait XS should work really well with Focus.
McCormack would be a good addition, especially if you can find an amp that Steve McCormack has upgraded. Check out SMC Audio for upgrades. Would fit nicely in your budget.
I forgot to mention my revision A upgraded McCormack .5 amp works very well with my Dynaudio 1.3 SE's.
I owned a tact integrated once that would drive anything and was dead quiet doing so. It is a true digital amp and I've heard it can't be clipped. Definitely an incredible amp in the used market if you can find one. Another amp to consider would be a sunfire 300 with a suitable preamplifier. The sunfire is 300 wpc and doubles all the way to 1 ohm. These can often be found for around $1k on the used market. Best of luck.
Yeah, I should add used Naim XS, there is one for $1700 here right now.

Also, how about used Roksan M2? It is $2100 here, but I personally know a man who ended up with M2 for Dynaudio Focus 110 after trying Densen 100 and Roksan Kandy.

But McCormack 0.5 or 1 will need a preamp. Which one to go with?
Anatoly you are correct and while there are many to choose from I am using an McCormack ALD-1 with Revision A upgrades.
Naim and Dynaudio work very well together.
Of your list, the NAD is a great match for those speakers. Used the same combo for awhile. NAD 375bee is a sleeper, great amp.
I heard them with an Exposure 2010S2 integrated amp and it was just great. I also heard them with a Sim Audio Moon I-1 at the same time to compare. The Sim was good but was a little sharp in the lower treble range. We all agreed that the Exposure was better and is a good match for the Dynaudios.

You really don't need as much power as you might think. But If you want power then look into the Anthem 225 or the Vincent Audio SV-236 mk2.