Proper amp for B&W Matrix 805s

I just got a pair of the Matrix 805s. I have been offered a McIntosh MC240 (40 WPC). Will this be enough power? I like the sound of the speakers and before I spend the $$ for the amp, I would like to know if you have any any experiences with this type of combo.

Buy a Mark Levinson 331 or 334. Great with B&W speakers!
I'm biased, love my 805's, have a back up pair in a box still off eBay.....

I have run them happily on NAD 7600, 7400, Apt-Holman and Bryston 1B, as well as currently (don't laugh) OPPO 105 XLR to Bryston 3BST.

like the last set up best, so clean. But, with age, I'm sure there has been some HF attenuation. YMMV.