Proof of improvements in audio system sound quality....

i was at a audio store yesterday with my wife. she was very unhappy to be there...

but i told her to stay because of course we are in love. she said she would help me with choosing a audio system on valentines day. but she did not keep her promise.

we had to leave the store early since she had to cook dinner.

so why am i telling you guys this?

its all because i got real expert opinions from a sales person at that audio store.

it was about my last topic ---- tweaks with audio systems

i believe for some time, i have believed that @mahgister was getting great sound quality. 

sure it looks messy, but never judge a book by the cover.... right?

so i asked the sales person about it and he said that the sound quality would be very bad...also he explained the copper tape blocks and other stuff would be bad for music and reduce the clarity of the sound. the sales guy said that @mahgister was crazy. actually i think i get premium sound quality with my earbuds and why build a system anyway?? i think the sales guy at the store is right. 

so what do you guys think is right?? i am lost for words and in complete confusion of my of state in my mind at the moment. i need someone to help explain how to make a less expensive system sound better, truthfully. with no lies at all.

- viper


maghister is the disciple of millercarbon..

Thanks for the info. I know to ignore him now.

@mastering92 check thy shopping cart. You’ll notice I’ve placed M-80s and Wolverine M-100s (also known as Silver Salutes.) Prepare yourself for the inevitable. Good luck, and Godspeed ….

All expenses paid btw :-)


if you go the system page of these 2 your HOMEWORK. The posts. They must be friends, maybe family, something is happening. One of them is a tweaker who is POOR the other guy also makes tweaks but he is RICH. You see how millercarbon is all about tweaks, the other guy is in not spending any money to make it happen. He is creating his own with household items and not buying new audio products. so he is following in millercarbons footsteps...honestly the nicest system i ever saw on this website was from this person, millercarbon.

looks like a million dollars was spent for it!!!

i am not about praying and god. my dad told me "god does not exist" disciple, like someone who you learn stuff from. i think i am your disciple since you included so much info. Also you are being very nice while everybody else is being mean to me. i told my wife and she said "let it be" she is happy now but lots of shouting and she called me a "dumb guy" so i am feeling bad about that.

speaking of concrete my brother is in construction. he lays that stuff and fixes the pot holes in the road and other stuff. i have no conclusions about this material aside from it being a FACT that concrete is a good material for people who build houses. its also in the basement on the floor most of the time. so there you go.


how is your dad? homer simpson right...i know that show lisa is my #1 character.- the simpsons was based on real life!! of course im just joking but do NOT be rude to me. i can sue you!!


if you could return and talk to us i would be very happy. i am sorry for making you angry. only you have the answers since you are the right person for this subject - tweaks and more. i will be nice. i promise. you have my word.

My wife's hearing is fading. She wears hearing aids now. So I am good to go. Can even play music loud at midnight in a living room adjoining the master bedroom, and she doesn't bat an eye.

Lucky Man


i need someone to help explain how to make a less expensive system sound better, truthfully. with no lies at all.


1 Find the best sounding room to put your system in. Not too lively and certainly not too dull.

2 Set up your speakers (with the treble units near ear height) wherever they give their best sound. It will take some time, patience and experiment. Keep a record of the different positions you have tried for future reference.

Your lovely wife might be able to help you out there but some of us have to labour alone. My wife always finds something more interesting for her to do. It must be over 15 years since she stepped foot in Hi-Fi store.

3 Find some method of decoupling your speakers. There are numerous professional products out there that will help or you could experiment with springs / sorbothane.

4 Remember that @mahgister took his system setup to extremes, and it seemed to work for him, but would you really want to go that far?

5 Plan for the most effective future upgrades but keep in mind that your system is probably already in the top 1% of systems worldwide.

We audiophiles tend to be rather an extreme bunch.