Proof of improvements in audio system sound quality....

i was at a audio store yesterday with my wife. she was very unhappy to be there...

but i told her to stay because of course we are in love. she said she would help me with choosing a audio system on valentines day. but she did not keep her promise.

we had to leave the store early since she had to cook dinner.

so why am i telling you guys this?

its all because i got real expert opinions from a sales person at that audio store.

it was about my last topic ---- tweaks with audio systems

i believe for some time, i have believed that @mahgister was getting great sound quality. 

sure it looks messy, but never judge a book by the cover.... right?

so i asked the sales person about it and he said that the sound quality would be very bad...also he explained the copper tape blocks and other stuff would be bad for music and reduce the clarity of the sound. the sales guy said that @mahgister was crazy. actually i think i get premium sound quality with my earbuds and why build a system anyway?? i think the sales guy at the store is right. 

so what do you guys think is right?? i am lost for words and in complete confusion of my of state in my mind at the moment. i need someone to help explain how to make a less expensive system sound better, truthfully. with no lies at all.

- viper


So let me get this straight. Your wife had to cook on Valentine’s Day??

Good luck on getting a new system. You’ll be lucky to buy a new cable. 


Yes I watched about 10 minutes, will definitely finish it though.

I'll bet it set "Audiophiledom" back about 20 years!  LOL.




 I would say best bang for buck is get a nice set of headphones and a matching headphone amp. Or save until you can afford a nice set of speakers. Go listen to as many speakers as you can and pick your favorite. Take your wife with you and treat her to dinner afterwards. It always comes down to speakers. Quality speakers with mediocre equipment will always sound better than mediocre speakers with quality equipment.

We do a lot of stereo system configuration consulting for customs that are using Dirac Live room correction. We work on systems that vary from modest to extremely expensive.
We have learned after many consulting sessions that about 30% of all systems have some type of configuration issue. (Serious enough to prevent or interfere with a Dirac Live project) This video, while centric to the miniDSP SHD and Flex, offers generic concepts that will help you verify your system and ensure optimal performance. As an added bonus your wife should be delighted to hold your UMIK during the process:

Using Key Measurements to Verify Basic System Setup

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