promitheus refernce TVC suitable for X-LPS V8 gain

Hi there,
I've just entered the world of passive pre-amps, and am thinking of getting the above mentioned pre-amp. It will have a denon 3910 sacd/dvd player and the musical fidelity X-LPS V8 running through it. X-LPS has an input impedance/senstivity of 47k Ohms/ 3mv for 350mv, and an output impedance of 50 ohms. My rotel rb1080 (200wrms per channel) has an Input Impedance/Sensitivity 32 k Ohms/1.5 volt.
I am running definitive technology 7001 speakers with 92 db input sensitivity.
Will the pre-amp channel enough power for the speakers for the phono stage?
Thanks in advance
The Denon with 2V will be fine. But I doubt about X-LPS with 350mV. The sensitivity of the Rotel (1.5V) is just about OK for a TVC. The higher the sensitivity (lower numbers) of an amp, the better it matches with TVC. Please check with Promitheus with your specs and they should be able to guide you. Check with Nicholas is a 6dB gain would work for you.

The Promitheus TVC is a great product - but only if you achieve the system synergy. Good luck.