Promitheus DAC anyone?

I recently acquired this piece and am really amazed at the sound given the price. Does anyone else have experience with this DAC?
i have this dac. one day, i had three of my audio buddies over to compare digital products. none of them liked this dac. why ? silver wire and silver plated rcas.

it pays to replace silver with copper wire and replace rcas with vampire wire gold over copper.
Mrtennis did you at least warm it up before your 3 audio buddies come over for a listen?
of course the dacs were wramed up. all were compared under the same conditions. as i said, i think silver is the problem.

i now am auditioning and breaking in a paradisea tube dac. i expect to prefer that dac over the promitheus. we'll see.

without a tube, most digital products are fatiguing.
Old thread dig-up: Anyone else have any experience whatsoever with this DAC? Just curious for opinions please...
Mrtennis how do you know that is`t just silver?
I`m a bit confused because silver is much better conductive material than copper.
Do you consider the wiring and connectors material most critical part in DAC design?