Prolonged use of PAUSE on a CD player

Is it bad for a CD player to be paused for very long?
Good question.

I've come home from work to find that I'd accidentally left my transport on pause all day. It worries me when I realize I've done that, but so far my Theta Pearl has been bulletproof and never even gives me a hiccup. Ever.

I do this with my Tivo all the time leaving people frozen on screen in odd expressions. Of course the TV is off, but Tivo is a hard drive system, not a CD mechanism so that may be a different animal all together. I've done this with my DVD player too, but that thing releases PAUSE and goes into what Pioneer calls its RESUME mode.

I'm wondering if my practice of continually freezing time is a bad practice universally or might just vary with certain mechanisms or technologies. What would Einstein or Hawking have to say, heheh? Maybe there's just a massive amount of matter/energy in my listening room affecting space/time caused by the limitless amount of dirty laundry present.

I don't know if leaving my SCD-1 on Pause continually caused a motor failure (repaired under warranty by Sony). I think some motors are kept spinning for some players when Paused. Now, I always use Stop, but I leave the power on.
Good question. I've been afraid to pause mine for too long. I have no idea if it's bad for it or not. Hopefully, someone will chime in that knows.

Given that hard drives can spin at 10,000 rpm or more, 24/7, for years, I'd be disappointed if leaving a CD drive spinning for a few hours would cause failure.

I leave my Pioneer 414 DVD player (transport duties) on pause all the time. Sometimes for days at a time. Even weeks when I am on vacation. I rarely use "Stop". And, I have never had a problem with it. Granted, a relatively cheap machine will not cause the concern of a thousand dollar machine, nevertheless I don't think you need to worry assuming you have a quality machine to begin with - and I believe the Theta's are very good quality.