Prologue 2 Integrated Work Well With Axiom M80Tis?

Hello, everyone. I am building a small budget system, and currently have a pair of Axiom M80Tis. I know that they are not audiophile-quality speakers, but I just have them for a little while, while I am saving up enough money to upgrade. Their sensitivity is 91dB and their impedance is 4 Ohms. I am looking for an integrated amp in the $1500 dollar price range--either solid state or tube--and I have been considering the Primaluna Prologue 2 amp. But I am not sure if my speakers are built for tube components, and will sound well with them. And I know that you have to have special speakers that are specifically designed for tube components if you want those components to sound their best. Does anyone know whether this particular brand of speakers will sound well with the PrimaLuna 2? Anyone have any experience with these components? Do you think that the Axiom M80Tis will sound good with tube components? Any and all answers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all who reply.
Leroyc33, you are way off base in your assumptions. A good speaker is designed to be a good speaker. I donr know of any speakers that are dessigned to work with on or the other. 91 dB can be driven to good volume with 2 watts per side.

I am not a fan of the prima luna, its overhyped and is made in Chineese sweat shops. Parts are all cheap and not audiophile grade. A lot of add money has been spent on this product . Stay away from it. For same money look for made in North America gear.

Rouge has a nice Inregrated in the 1500.00 used range. Give it a try. The primaluna is a far inferior product.
I have a Cayin TA 30 tube amp. that is 35 watts it looks almost identical to the primaluna fact I think that the only difference basically is that you have to Bias the Cayin by hand and the primaluna has a auto biasing. The Cayin will play thr Axiom M80ti's just fine. I have (4)Axiom 80 ti (2) Axiom M22ti and (2) Axiom M3ti plus many other speakers including Salk HT3 Signature Veracity. If you want tubes try the Cayin TA-30 around $600.00 to $700.00 on Audiogon.
The Primaluna Prologue 2 should work fine with the Axioms. I'm using the P2 to drive speakers with similar specs (90dB sensitivity, 4 ohm impedance with fairly flat impedance curve). I was also ambivalent about buying a Chinese made amp, but more for political and social reasons (i.e., Chinese labor practices and environmental record). The design and build quality of the Primaluna is not an issue. They are excellent in both regards, especially for the money.
The PLII should fine.I am currently using it in my susyem and couldn't be happier-check my previous "best system" post.It also has a return policy.PCs can tighten the bass as compared to the standard Belden.
I would be most happy to have somebody give the name of Mapleleafs3 and address, e-mail etc. He just recently posted a negative review on the PrimaLuna Pro 2 saying it looked cheap sounded horrible, etc. Also made the same statement about the Ah! Tjoeb CD player. They were so blatant they were pulled by

For him to say it uses cheap parts flys in the face of every word from owners and reviewers alike. It's finish and build was compared to an Aston Martin by a reviewer that had done a photo shoot on the cars for publication. This mapleleafs3 fellow pumps Rogue Audio real hard in most every post, and I consider Mark O'brien of Rogue a friend. But there assembly is quite different than ours.

PrimaLuna is the only brand that makes a point of taking apart every model in high resolution photos of the inside. Who else will do that? We don't say we use "Alps Potetiometers" but the Alps Blue Velvet which is much more costly.

Forgive me for being defensive so I will step down now. But something is smelly here.

One last thing on "sweat shops". Some of the most American names in audio get their circuit boards stuffed overseas. The PrimaLuna product is designed in Holland and all production is overseen by our people their. I would be most happy to compare service records to any brand tube or solid state.

I would be most happy to have a discussion with mapleleafs3 privately. But even more grateful for this persons identity.

A bit taken aback by the rhetoric against the Prima Luna amp. Certainly one is entitled to speculate about politics and religion on any forum out there...... not so sure this is the best place to air such views unless of course the person posting knows something the rest of don't. The world can be a nasty place for sure but shouln't we as music enthusiasts judge equipment on factors other than country of origin. Personally I base my buying decisions on A) how it sounds B) how it looks C) what it costs D) will it be reliable I do not buy my equipment based on magazine reviews, indeed I gain better insights throuh online reviews.

If we start down this slippery path of a built in bias against products
that don't conform to ones view of how the world should operate then we are truly on the horns of a musical and ethical dilemma.
The good thing about a free market is that the market will decide
who prospers and who fails.

Consider for a moment the coffee you drink----is it fair trade coffee-----what about your cereal--- is it genetically modified by a large corporation that put small farms out of businness. Do your burn cds or dvds that friends lend you? It goes on and on.

I own a lot of equipment including some that might be condidered to be built by underpaid workers in China (a Jolida 502-B) which is very similar to the Prologue 2. So far it works perfect . I bought it because it met my criteria listed above. I could not find an appropriate North American built amp that could meet my criteria . A wise philospher once wrote that that which does not kill me can only make me stronger. It would seem to me that these kind of products are (in the long term) a positive to an industry and a hobby that desperately needs new enthusiasts if it is to survive.

Sorry about the ramble and a good day to all.
I'd pay moey to be there for that conversation,let me know where the biddong starts.
Well...I recall now who this fellow is. Frankly I'd like to bury the hatchett...but the gist of it was due to cultural differences and his expectations of what I could or would do for him, I told him there was no place to go. He left negative feedback for us on Audiogon which they promptly removed and Audioreview for the Ah! and PrimaLuna products which they also removed since the verbage was slanderous and he again made false statements.

I have received some other info from folks and hate all the lawyer BS but people have to be held to task. I work hard to make this a good place to get stuff..hrence me working from 7am to 11:13pm at this point.

But I am still open to chat with him. Sometimes a first phona call does not go well and everybody has his moments
Upsacle, I have not had contact with you in over 5 years.