prologue 2 compared to pathos classic one II ?

was wondering anyone compared the primaluna prologue2 and the pathos classic one II? which one sounds the best with jazz, acoustic, played on paradigm studio ref.100 v2 and a mod. sony scd555es player?
I know its late but I had both and had to take my hat off to Primaluna. You just can't recreate the tube sound with a hybrid-maybe at a much higher cost level.

I have both and think they represent very good value for money. To your question, IMO, the Primaluna seems a bit better with Jazz and some accoustic music. The Pathos is superb for Classical, Rock, etc as it exhibits tight control over the speakers. As Jazzforce noted, the Primalune brings a degree of more life to some musical genres.

That said, the hybrid nature of the Pathos, makes for many hours of fatigue free music and the input tubes give just the slightest bit of warmth/smoothness that sets it apart from straight SS amps in its category.

The Pathi (plural of Pathos ??) are run in monoblock mode and seem to have limitless power. The Primaluna will have no problems driving all but the most hard to drive speakers as well.

Both products are extremely well made with the Primaluna looking and feeling like a tank. The Pathos is striking to look at - perhaps a bit biased, but it is argueably one of the nicest looking pieces of kit out there. These are certainly two products with "go" that matches their "show". As always YMMV.

Good luck witchever way you choose.