Projector with very low noise fan

Can anyone recommend a projector with a low noise fan that can be bought for under 3k new or used. The projector will be placed above the headboard in the master bedroom and I don't want to listen to it instead of the soundtrack.
I just bought and installed a "hush box " that fits over the projector and cuts almost all the noise. Two intake and one exhaust fans circulate the air inside so unit doesnt overheat. Dave Beaty at makes them . Mine is white acrylic and is gorgeous and very quiet. The transparent glass he uses keeps image perfect. What I am saying is get a good projector and a hushbox and have the best of both worlds.
DWIN made this fanless CRT projector the HD-700. Maybe you could find a used one at a good price?
Out of budget but my Sim2 is inches from my head and is dead silent to me. Before the Sim, I had a Sanyo plv70 and the nieghbors would complain when the fan speed would change to hi.-----So,yes, they differ.

The Panasonic AE7000 is exactly what you are looking for and all the rage right now with both critics and enthusiasts in low-moderately priced projectors.

It is not built like a Roland amp, and needs to be used in low to no light, but otherwise an amazing picture, 16:9 aspect ratio, HDTV capable, and very low fan noise.

I have just installed one in exactly the application you described and I am having lots of fun with DVDs, HDTV, and X-Box in High Definition.

All of this on a 119" ?!?!?! (and can go even bigger) diagonal screen for < $2500 -- I got mine from projector superstore in Arizona.

Oh and even better -- although I too intended to install it over the headboard, it has this joystick, lens aiming gizmo on the front to move the image up down and left right.

So you can probably just as easily use it from a bedside table.

This info and much more including reviews from users can be found on which is how I got up the curve on this subject.

Good luck and have fun.
My Optoma H77 is so quiet I sometimes wonder if there
is a fan.