Projector - Looking for advice

I need to replace my old projector. I am looking to spend less than $600 used. I want 1080. Are there any models or brands you could point me to? What should I be looking for? Brightness, contrast, DLP, LCD, so on. I do not want 3D.
I really appreciate your expertise.
Where's your location?
What is viewing evnvironement like? Do you need lights on in the room, or is ambient light? How big is your screen? What kind of screen? What are your applications? ..movies and tv only?..gaming? ...pc use?
HOw many hours at a time are you viewing? Do you need 30000 hour bulb cause the pj will be running all day and night? What did you have before - or seen before - that you liked? Any prefernces thus far?
I ended up purchasing a sony from a friend.
Oh, the Sony! Glad we could be helpful...It's what we're here for -Truely

You can get ViewSonic 1080p DLP Projector under 500 dollars. 

This projector provides decent features. It provides Full HD resolution that is a plus point in this price range. The brightness is so cool as well.

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You Need " ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Projector"

This projector has surpassed my exceptions. I'm using it for outdoor movie nights and I love that it is light and easy to setup. It is also bright enough that I can set up when there is still some light out and get everything adjusted as far as screen size.

The sound is not that great but that's to be expected there's an audio out similar to whats on your computer I'm using that and 2 channel stereo and it works fine. I may end up getting a blu-ray player with it own audio outputs and going down that route. But for what I paid I got more than I thought I'd get. Had some comments from neighbors that thought I paid 1000s of bucks on it.

Btw before buying this projector, I've read the review from: