Projector Dilemma...Need suggestions

I've been a long time CRT lover and was planning to replace my old CRT with a 9" Runco DTV-1200. But I just learned from my dealer that Runco quit selling CRT's. He has been trying hard to convince me to get a 3-chip DLP (Runco VX-4c 960p) saying its performance is almost equal in contrast/black levels and superior in sharpness, saturation, brightness, etc... Unfortunately I have no access to a 3-chip Runco DLP at where I live, so I just have to trust his words. I know a 9" CRT is still the king when it comes to PQ but it's also true that newer technologies has come pretty close.

So if any videophiles read this, what do you folks suggest? I'm really confused here and as you know 3-chip DLP's and new 9"CRT's cost a fortune making the decision even more difficult.

Thank You
Suggest you check out the other brands with 3-chip DLP too. There are about 4 different ones available, not including the Runco model.
They'd most likely be at even performance with the Runco, for less money.
Good Luck! post this question there! for the specs on all projection units
A good CRT is hard to beat. However SIM2 has just introduced a single chip DLP projector with the new Dark Chip 3 DLP set. This a a beautiful projector that is incredible. Don't take my word for it. Go to the and see what rave reviews it has received. A good 3 chip DLP is in the $25-35K price range. The HT300 can be had for much less.