Project xtension 10 turntable

Looking for feedback on the (new) Project Xtension 10 turntable. How does this compare to the VPI Scout OR Scout II OR the Clearaudio Concept OR the VPI Traveler? I want the most BANG for my buck. I cannot spend more than $3,700.00 with the cartridge. I will be hooking it up to my Primaluna Dialogue II (all NOS tubes) and my Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors. Which turntable would you buy? Thanks for your feedback. Cal.
I was considering the Xtension 10/12 but after many hours of research I decided to pass. 1-The motor can create hum/noise(after time) from the motor bracing vibrating. There are aftermarket kits to fix this. 2-Aftermarket feet are strongly suggested. 3-The Pro-ject arm is sensitive to microphonics. 4-A wallwart is used as a power supply, but swap in a Wellborne Labs ps and your set. If you are willing to mod the Xtension 10(IMO)it is much superior to the decks mentioned. I heard a RPM 9.1 years ago and it was similiar to the VPI house sound but not as dry. These mods are not that expensive so don't let these issues be a deal breaker. I just purchased a used Rega P9 due to my system needing more midrange engagement.
Dayglow -- Thank you. I am no longer looking at the Xtension. I will most likely choose either the VPI Classic OR the Clearaudio Concept (w/ the Clearaudio Maestro cartridge) depending on the depth of my pocket when the time comes. Thank you, again, for participating in this forum. Cal.
Ah...the motor issue is not with the higher end Pro-Jects but with the lesser models.