Project VC-S MK II question

Hello:  just picked- up one of these RCMs and have a question....

Are they all noisy ?  The machine works great, but the noise it emits as the platter turns sounds as though something is loose.  I’m thinking a turntable manufacturer would produce something less
DIY sounding.  The shop I purchased it from is fine with me bringing it back... just want to make sure before I do so.  BTW, vacuum cleaning records is awesome.
Mine has this noise you describe, I assume it is the type of motor they are using. I will say I had to send mine back for service work and they ended up sending me a new one, which had a quieter motor.
That would be my only gripe, everything else about the VCS is excellent for the price point.
Thanks for the reply... I guess I’ll live with it.  I went on-line and viewed some of the reviews which all included the noisy motor.. otherwise, it works very well. And I’ve noticed a complete lack of static, which is great....