Project Tube Box SE II with Sumiko Bl Pt 2 HELP

Thanks for any help in advance!

I have:
Pro-Ject RM5 SE
Sumiko - Blue Point 2 (MC)
Pro-Ject Speedbox MK II
Pro-Ject Tube Box SE II

I have been looking everywhere with help on what to set the jumpers to on the Tube Box. I cannot find much information other than..

Blue Point 2 is MC
47,000 Ohms
250 pF - Capacitance...

My only jumper options listed under the MC side are

17ohms / 120pF
18ohms / 120pF
20ohms / 120pF
22ohms / 120pF
69ohms / 120pF
100ohms / 120pF
220ohms / 120pF

Funny thing is on the MM side the jumper options are..

47K omes / 120pF
47K omes / 220pF
47K omes / 340pF
47K omes / 440pF

I'm completely new to this aspect of analog.

Thanks again,
The Blue Point 2 is a high output MC that normally loads into a MM input.

Use the 47K ohms / 220pF setting for the MM.
So do i set the push button to MM as well and set it to 47K ohms / 220pF?

Thanks for the quick response.
Yes. Just think of the BP2 as a MM cartridge as far a settings go.
Thanks again...
Sorry to bump this 1.5 year old thread, but it's some what applicable to my situationĀ…

I have the Tube Box SE II as well and need to set it up for a Benz Glider M2, 0.8mV MC (rec. loading 200-47k). I had always had the jumpers set to 220ohms / 120pF, however would the MM 47K ohms / 120pF setting work as well?

When I bought the cart I was told to set the loading as high as possible (up to 47k that is).

Thanks for any adviceĀ…