Project/Sumiko 5SE versus Sumiko Experience II

I am trying to determine which turntable is the better value and sounds superior: Project/Sumiko 5SE with a Blue Point Special II or the Sumiko Expereince II which comes with their Pearl moving magnet cartridge( which is inexpensive and seems a poor match for this table). The Blue Point Special is by price and performance superior to the Pearl MM cartridge. The major question is: the difference in suspension between the two tables, resonance control capability of the plinths and the weight and stability of the platters. Unfortunately, and despite the tear drop shape, the SE5 is less attractive than the Expereince II which has a tranparent acrylic plinth and looks solid in its layout and construction. The Experience comes with a dustcover; the SE5 does not. Appreciate opinion about either one or both of these tables Thank you, Jim
I will preface my response that I have only heard the RM5 turntable and not the Xperience. I own the Perspective, which is similar to the Xperience but with a suspended plinth. My guess is that it's probably similar sounding to the Xperience. If you think you may eventually be able to upgrade the cartridge down the line, I think you may be happy with the Xperience. I have found the Perspective to provide a high level of detail and dynamics. The RM-5 wasn't a bad table, but I didn't walk away being moved by the music.

The Blue Point is a good cartridge that mates well with the Pro-ject tables. I can't say I recall hearing the Pearl, so I can't speak to it.

I really don't think you can go wrong with either table, but if you decide to look used, you may be able to find a Clearaudio, Michell,or maybe a Nottingham with Rega arm.
I own the RM5 with the Benz Micro Ace clear body cart. I had my dealer set the whole thing up and when I got it home I thought I had just thrown my money away. It sounded like crap. But after a few days of almost constant playing it really came into it's own. Now after a couple of months and adding the speedbox mk2 this combo is outstanding. Dynamics and detail from thirty year old vinyl has made everything new again. Pull the trigger on either one and you'll be very satisfied.