ProJect RPM 6 with Denon D103 cartridge.

I would like to do some work on my turntable to see if I can get some better (more forward, less veiled) mids from my setup. I have a Phono Box SE and tried both 100 and 200 ohm loading and still not satisfied.
I have Audioquest Diamondback RCAs going from TT to phono and was thinking of rewiring tonearm with Cardas Wire set on Dedicated Audio website
It is 24 inch length and I can get upp to 60" length and it got me to thinking about wiring straight from my tonearm over to my Phono Box. I am not shy about opening up things and soldering and I thought perhaps I could solder the ends of the cardas wire right to the connecting points inside my phono box. That would be one continuous wire from catridge head to phono box.
What do you all think?
Try A Different phono stage, within price range of mods & I believe you may realize an improved different, example Clearaudio basic used or Ray samuels audio F117...check out reviews, I have no horses in the race