Project RPM 5.1 /Benz Micro Glider SL / GS ReflexC

Has anybody tried the above combination? Has it worked.
If not, has anyone tried the Glider Cartridge with the RPM 5.1 .. any thoughts?
New to the space. Have had the RPM for a month with the Blue No. 2 Cart on it connected directly to my pioneers phono stage and it feels like there is still something to be had from my vinyls.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
I have an rpm9.1 . I have used a bp no.2, a benz glider and a sumiko blackbird with it. The bp no.2 is a great cartridge for the money. The benz glider is slightly more musical,but i hear slightly more inner groove distortion and it can be somewhat sibilant even after adjusting vtf and vta many times. It also produces slightly more surface noise than the bp no.2. The blackbird is better than both in every way. Quiet,smooth,refined character that just makes it more involving. If you want a super quiet ,bang for the buck,well rounded cartridge,try the shure m97he. Although it doesn't have the most refined articulate bass, it is very ez to listen to for hours on end with zero sibilance.only 55.00 on amazon. An amazing deal!
There are two things you should consider doing to make genuine improvements on your turntable. First, replace the cones holding the plinth with brass footers from either Edensound or Maplshade. Pro-ject tables are excellent, but they suffer from resonance because of their plinth design and mass. That weakspot can be easily remedied, and if done correctly will elevate the TT to an entirely different level. To be completely effective, the brass footers must be threaded to screw into the existing plinth bolts. Do not place the turntable on floating cones, the effect is minimal. That change alone will tighten up the soundstage, provide an extra octave of bass and give you imaging like you've never heard from your turntable. The threaded footers will cost you less than $140 for the set. This is the primordial upgrade for the RM and RPM class of TTs for the serious listener.
Second, buy a VTF gauge to weigh the cartridge. The Pro-ject tonearm weight is not as accurate as one would like. If the budget is an issue, but a digital jewelry scale for under $20 on Amazon.