Project pre box RS preamp-Pre for vintage tube amp

Does anyone know if this would be a good preamp for a collection of vintage tube amps. I have been looking for quite some time for a good tube preamp to use with my stable of vintage tube amps I have restored over the years. I suspect the Project is simply a solid state gain stage crammed through a 6DJ8 as a tube buffer. Every time I try a solid state preamp it always seems to suck the life out of the sound and it seems like new true tube units are rare and over my budget of 1k. I love the remote volume control, the main thing keeping me from simply restoring a vintage preamp. It seems to me, just my theory, that great tube preamps that have that wide open "fairy dust" type sound might just come from all the tube gain stages themselves more than anything else. My experience with tube buffered preamps like the peachtree for example is that they have none of the sound of a true vintage all tube unit. Anyone have any insight on the project unit or any hidden tube preamp gems to share I would be interested. For the purposes of reference and full disclosure, the Scott 299 EL84 amps to me are the most enjoyable, musical amps I have ever heard. I am actually very close to just selling one of my power amps for one, going over it from top to bottom and calling it a wrap. I have been looking for that sound ever since I got rid of mine a few years back. My power amp stable includes dynaco stereo 70, stereo 35, par of heathkit w4am, pair of heathkit ua1 and a heathkit aa121. Anyone with any ideas or experiences please share