Project Phono Box vs. Creek OBH-8

Which of these is the better preamp? Are there any others anyone would recommend? My budget is $150. I don't mind buying used. I would be using it with a basic B&O RX turntable with a MMC3 cartridge. I would be running it through a Rogue 99 Magnum preamp. Thanks.
If you're just looking to play records on the cheap with decent sound, then check out the 9V battery powered phono preamp available at Radio Shack that sells for $25.

Some Audiogon members swear by it. Some use two of them (one for each channel) for even cleaner results..

If page does not load it is catalog number 970-1018.
Vinyl addict that I am, I own a Radio Shack special (curious George), and I can also vouch for its quality. But at $200 Antique Sound Labs sells the tubed Mini Phono, which is much better, and comes with a serious power supply. Likely the best match out there for your preamp in that price range. Just make sure to get matched and tested tubes before you get it home.
Sugarbie, thanks for the response. I'm looking for something that I could use with good results even if I decide to modestly upgrade my turntable & cartridge. That's why I would be willing to spend $150. By the way, I have heard the Project Phono Box at a friend's house with a very similar set-up as mine. The Creek is more expensive but I'm wondering if it's worth the extra cost over the Phono Box.
If you are willing to go a little bit higher, the Channel Islands phono stage would be a better bang for the dollar. A used Monolithic would be an even better deal! For $25, the Radio Shack should be better than either phono stage you're contemplating.
I am currently doing a demo of the brand new Blue Circle BC27. Nice piece, but its MSRP is $595.