project debut III or thorens td 160

Hi all, I have someone here in Nashville selling a Project Debut III, mint condition with the Ortofon OM 5E cart for $280. I already have a Thorens td160 that starts up very slowly, has some hum, and a little bit of motor noise. May just need some adjustments, nothing major(hopefully). I had a new belt put on last year and a Denon 160 cart. What do ya'll think?
Don in Nashville
I sort of asked this question at a recent Stereophile show "Ask the Editors" event. I asked how much I'd have to spend in terms of a modern 'table to improve upon my (modded) TD-166 MkII (also with a Denon 160). Mike Fremer suggested something in the $1000 - $1500 range ('table and arm), since he does not like suspended 'tables like the Thorens. Art Dudley, however, who does like suspended 'tables, suggested I keep the Thorens and consider a cartridge upgrade (he said high compliance units were preferable for the stock Thorens arm). Hope this helps.