Project Debut Carbon

Found a listing on Craigslist for this table for $60 and though it wasn't the newer DC version and red is not my first choice in color I  went ahead and purchased it since it was a really good price.Seems like it wasn't used much if any at all and in great shape.Sounds pretty good but was wondering which upgrades would improve the sound?Thanks for any advice.

You did not specify the cart you are using.  I would look at cart and speed box as an upgrade.
Sorry, 2m red which comes standard with the table.
You can upgrade the platter from the standard mdf to acrylic ($125) and you can upgrade the needle only from the Ortofon Blue to the body of the Ortofon Red ($200).

I have read about the cartridge with the upgraded stylus.Think there are pros and cons regarding the acrylic platter. 
If you don't upgrade the platter, then I would recommend an Herbie's way excellent mat: This did a good job deadening the metal platter when I had a debut carbon years ago.

The cartridge, while being ok for beginners, can be easily upgraded. I had the 2M orange on mine and it was fantastic in comparison to the red.

The speed box is also a good upgrade as it makes the motor spin more consistently. I actually have a new one in silver I didn't end up using, still in box, if you want to buy one for cheaper than retail.

What phono stage would you be using for this?
Only paid $60 for this one,so I wouldn't expect you to go anywhere near that.Using a vintage NAD 3020 with the table.
Of all your components (knowledge gained from your other threads) what system are you using this TT in? You made another great purchase.
NAD 3020
Rega Planet
Project Debut
Morrow cables
Infinity RS 4000A
Plan budget system that only cost me $200 total.Know it's not high end but sufficient for my needs.Guess I don't know what I'm missing cause never could afford high end gear.

Budget wise you have done exceptionally well putting this system together.  Your 2 sources are worth more than your total expense. 

Considering your equipment cost and your satisfaction with results, I would not replace the cartridge until it needs replacing.  Save your money for the next great find. 

Wow! Great system for the money you have in it. Based on your other components, and your budget mindedness, I wouldn't spend any more money on the Project. Just keep it super clean and operating correctly. If you decide you "need" higher performance, flip the Project and buy a different complete TT setup.
Thank you for the compliments.Have a Technics SL-1700 and 1400 along with a Dual 510 that came with a Shure VST V cart that I enjoy alot.