Project Classic SB

I got a Project Classic SB turntable 1 year ago. Came with a Sumiko Blue Point 2 cartridge. I’d been enjoying it. Well last week the motor blew out. I gotta take it back to the retailer I got it from, to get it fixed. If they can’t get it done, I gotta contact the importer. Bummer.

If i turn it on it spins very slowly. I can manually give it a hard spin and it will get up to 33 sometimes. But 45 doesn’t work and the switch is not even taking it to 45.

What a drag. Wish I could afford to replace the turntable altogether but I can’t right now. I really didn’t have any issue with it till it just crapped out last week. I’d been planning on upgrading the cartridge to the something that can give me more than what is on it.

What’s a good MC cartridge that can give me more than the high output MC sumiko I currently have. My phono stage is a Sutherland KC Vibe.

Thanks All!