Project Carbon CD or Music Hall MMF 2.2

I was ready to pull the trigger on the Music Hall MMF 2.2 table with Music Hall Tracker cartridge for $299, when I came across a Pro-Ject Carbon DC table for $349. The odd thing is, it doesn’t have the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, but rather the Ortofon OM10. A bit of reading led me to believe there’s a "basic" version of the Carbon DC that has the OM10 installed by the factory.

I’m pretty sure the Music Hall table is based on the original Debut III (same arm I believe), which is also the same arm on the Carbon DC, aside from the carbon arm tube. I’m not sure how the OM10 compares to the Music Hall Tracker, but it seems that the extra $50 would be worth the upgrade to the DC electronics, carbon fiber arm tube, and improved motor isolation. The cartridge can be easily updated on either, so the Carbon seems like a better base platform (essentially an upgraded version of the MMF 2.2 and Debut III)...