Project Align it CartridgeAlignment Gauge is good?

i want to buy this product: Project Align it Cartridge Alignment Gauge, i have a garrard turntable, sme 309 tonearm , clearaudio stradivari, is good this product?
which is the best and simple method for align the cartridges?
Buy a Mint LP "Best Tractor" custom made for your arm and be done. The Project is crudely marked, with lines too think to be of any true accuracy - it's made for their tonearms on their tables, and the markings on the protractor itself merely correspond to the various effective lengths of their products only. If your SME happens to correspond with one of the 4 on offer, great, but if not, you're SOL. Your system deserves better; buy the Mint (which is around the same price anyway).
Agree with the other posters. Most other alignment gauges I've used/seen are toys compared to the Mint.

Serious rigs deserve serious tools, and Yip's quality, service and responsiveness are second-to-none. Further, the instructions he includes with each Mint are the clearest I've seen.
with the investment you've made in your equipment, agree with posters above that a Mint is the way to go. For all of them, the "method" is simple, but the effort required to get it right can take considerable patience.
Just get a 309 alignment template and be done with it...

It's $20 here:

It's what I use and it's simple, accurate, and accounts for the variable pivot-to-spindle distance sliding base.


I'd recommend you do a search of this site regarding protractors. The pros and cons of each design has already been thoroughly debated (many times).
I just received a Mint LP for a second arm and I will get a third Mint LP if I ever get yet another arm.

It is such a good tool. If you have a lot invested in a analog rig, get one.