Progressive Scanning

What the deally, yo?!?! Ahem.. What is progressive scanning, and why did I buy a DVD player too soon? Does the monitor attached to the DVD player need Progressive scanning as well? Thanks loyal thread followers!
Yes, you need a monitor with progresive scan capabilities to get the benefits of a prog. scan DVD player. Progressive scan gets rid of scan lines and would be a benefit to people with prog. scan TV's or projectors. Those lines are most noticable on bigger screens. Most prog. scan DVD players have standard component outs as well, so that if you buy a projector later you can use it then. I am waiting to see if Pioneer comes out with a new machine with prog.scan. Anyone have any info? I am not so sure that I did the right thing in buying a Pioneer DV-05 recently. Stay tuned.
Whoa! Progressive scan DVD players still have scan lines -- but they are output progressively rather than interlaced. Remember interlaced monitors from way back? That's pretty much how (most) TV's operate. The refresh rate is at 60Hz, but it only does every other line. It runs at 30Hz if you count both passes thru for the full picture. This poses the greatest problems in 2 areas (IMHO): 1) In fast action scenes, there is a lot of movement from frame to frame. The interlaced models can blur a bit since the TV is really only painting 1/2 of the picture at a time. 2) Line doublers: if you get a high res TV, it may have a built in doubler, or you can by an external one. This makes the resolution of standard TV or DVD higher by "guessing" what the lines "in between" the other lines are. If you do interlacing, the line doubler has to wait around for about a 30th of a second before it can start "guessing" what the additional lines should be. With progressive scan, the line doubler gets all the info right away, and can start churning out the new lines without delay.
To utalizePro.scan Dvd you need HDTV.The standard scan rate for is 15.HDTV the scan rate is 31.End of story.And lets get real; HBO's sat brodcast in hd KILLS what you see on dvd.
Audaibnjad, thanks for the info, it is most enlightening. I was trying to generalize and simplify in my first post.
You may consider the Pioneer DV434 progressive scan ouput which is about $299.00 or if you have a PC-DVD then you should get the RealMagic Hollywood Plus Progressive Scan output DVD decoder card price about $39.00. This will output movie exactly in the DVD's 720x480 non-interlace format, either ways you'll be supprise with the film like picture of the progressive scan system.