Progressive Scan

I am really loving HD on air and off air and want to improve my dvd situation - it is a pioneer elite non-progressive scan player. My question - is there a quality dvd progressive scan player that also records? I'm assuming it scans to 720p - thanks for your input.
Even progressive scan DVD players output at only 480p, for the most part. There are a few that upsample (?) to HD formats, but there is no "HD" DVD format yet. There is an HD video tape deck (JVC, I think, makes one), but I don't think any DVD recorders record at HD resolutions.
Dvd players will not convert to higher rez on any output except DVI which has copy protection.

There have been players in the past that would, they quickly went off the market with a little legal action taken. You can find them used sometimes.

Time-shift recorders (I think?) will record hi-def on their hard drives can not output to another dvd recorder.

Blank Dvd's will not hold a hi-def picture at 4.7gb. although there are new blank dvd discs (double sided I think) that are out or soon will be. These will not work in older recorder types.

You best bet is to setup a strictly computer based system where anything is possible for some people although maybe a bit illegal on the recording end of things. Even this I'm not sure about, but...there are some very smart people out there that I am sure are thinking about this as I type.

My projector Sim2--along with MANY others convert progressive to 720.---I'm talking regular dvds---
I sense a 2 part question. I have Philips dvd recorder that is also a pretty mean player in its own right. What I'm saying is that the dvds you buy or rent will look pretty dam good--on a progressive player and on a good progressive player that also records;--as in much better than your standard interlaced player.
Thanks for the info - my wife wants to record and get as close as possible to the high def that has spoiled us. Since I'm the audiophile - I must keep the videophile happy ...if you know what I mean!
try D-VHS
>Dvd players will not convert to higher rez on any output >except DVI which has copy protection.

There are a number of scaling DVD players available with outputs beyond 480p, with the Momitsu V880 being most popular.

It will output any resolution you want. If you need 864p to keep the scan lines touching on your CRT projector it will do it.

You're never going to have the detail in an HD source, although decent DVD transfers can still look very good at 1.3 - 1.5 screen widths.