Progressive DVD Changer + Good CD Sound?

In an ongoing search for the best value, I'd like to find a DVD Changer that has excellent CD Sound.

Given that this involves combining two purchases into one, I'm willing to stretch a budget to find a great one.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks much in advance!

Buy a Philips DVD 963sa and have it modified.

What's your budget?

What's in your system now?

Are you interested in two-channel or surround?

When you say "excellent CD sound," are you interested
in SACD and DVD-A? Either? Both? Or, just CD?

Do you have space limitations that necessitate having
CD and DVD in one box?
Thanks for the follow-up.

I have both budget and space limitations. I'd rather spend $1000 for a combo that will play DVD-V, DVD-A, and redbook CD than $800 on two stand-alone pieces if that makes sense.

It's likely going to be a 60/40 split with music coming out on top as the priority with this system.

I'm rebuilding a system from scratch. My last system was a B&K AVR 202, M&K S-125's, a Rega Planet, and a Sony non-prog DVD player.

I will likely end up with a 2-channel integrated (linn or meridian) and an external processer/amp combo if I can find a way to import the one I want into the States.

So far my research has led me to the Panasonic DVD-CP72 which apparently was discontinued, and is being replaced by a far less capable product. I'm curious about the NAD changers, but haven't been able to find reliable sources for reviews of their video abilities (for instance chroma bug issues) and the quality issue of recent products also raises some concern.

Who mod's the Philips DVD 963sa?
I just looked up the Philips DVD 963sa. It's a single disk machine. I'm not wanting a multi-region DVD player, I want a multi-disk (think carousel) changer.

Rjhd --

Well, you've stumped me. The only multidisc CD
player that I know of that has what could be called "excellent sound" is made by McIntosh and goes
for $2,500 [New]. It uses a Nakamichi "magazine"
type loader, which holds 5 discs. Nakamichi makes
a 5 disc player, the MB-10, with the same loader.
It goes for $499 [New]. Neither of those payers will
play DVD's, SACD's, or DVD-A's. I am not aware of
any Carousel type players with excellent sound,
but I have not been shopping in that arena for awhile
so there may be players like that which fit your description of which I am not aware. On the other hand, I wouldn't necessarily look to a carousel player for great sound -- the two don't usually go together.
But, if you have a pre-pro with excellent DAC's, you
could probably plug a carousel player into it via
coaxial digital cable and get decent sound. In that
case, I would look at the Panasonic units because
they make the best DVD players for the money. On
still another hand, if you have a pre-pro with excellent
DAC's, it'd be a shame to plug a carousel player
into it.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
So is there an engineering limitation on Carousel vs magazine style changers? I was not aware of that issue, although I could see that platter stability could become trickier with the larger form needed with a rotating carousel player.

So far I've come to the same conclusion, that the best dvd changer route would be to track down a Panasonic and use outboard processing for the sound. I'll likely demo the Denon and NAD next week if I can't find the Panny anywhere.

Thanks for the input!

Players to check out --

Panasonic XP-50

Philips 963sa

Denon DVD 1600

Of the three, I believe the Philips will have the
best sound. It will also play SACD's. The other
two will play DVD-A's. All three are excellent progressive scan DVD players that will also
play CD's. I also believe the Philips would be
the best transport to play through a pre-pro or
outboard DAC. All of these are single disc players.
Thanks Rsbeck, but I was looking for feedback on changers.

The XP-50 and 1600 are not changers, nor do I think is the Philips. :-)


If anyone has experience with the Denon 1805 I'd be interested in hearing that!

The only two dvd/cd combos that come to mind that are available are the Kenwood DV-5700(has DCDi by Faroudja) and the Integra DPC-5.3. The Integra will most likely have the chroma bug. The integra will get you S/N ratio of 98db.
Denon may have one buy I don't think so.