Programming the subwoofer on a Theta Casablanca II

I am wondering if my subwoofer outs in my processor are defective. I cannot get a signal to my subwoofer irregardless of how the subwoofer settings are configured. My front side speakers are basically full range down to 32 Hz. The center only goes down to 50 Hz and the side and rear surrounds go down to 60 Hz. I have chosen the correct crossover frequencies and set the number of subwoofers to two, as mine has stereo inputs. I was using the Linkwitz-Riley crossover type. I am not sure what the slope should be set to but I do have the crossover frenquencies set as previously mentioned. I have set the internal crossover in the subwoofer to the highest frequency allowed to allow the CB II to handle the crossovers as they are superior. I have also set the subwoofer configuration to L/R subs with a full setting for sub1 and sub2. Can anyone help me understand why I am not getting anything through the subwoofer? The subwoofer works as I can use the unbalanced outputs for front L/R and get sound. But this will not be effective in surround modes, at least not the best solution. Thanks for anyone's help.
I have a Theta Casanova and having read both the Casanova manual (many times) as well as reading the Casablanca manual, I found they were about the same for speaker set up.

I experienced the same problem you describe until I realized that you have to configure the front speakers to Full/LP CFG (Low Pass Configure) in order for a signal to be passed to the sub. If you set the front speakers to Full CFG, the entire signal goes to the front speakers, and nothing goes to the sub.

My Casanova doesn't have the Video board so everything I do has to be programed off the Front Panel LCD. It took me a long time to figure out for example that if you want to play a stereo CD... without a sub... that you must configure the CD imput with the front speakers set to Full CFG, and if you want to play a surround DVD... with a sub... that you must confirgure the DVD imput with the front speakers set to Full/LP CFG. The trick here is for each imput that you use, you must first individually configure the front speakers to either Full CFG or Full/LP CFG.

There's a long and very steep learning curve to configuring this Theta equipment. I hope this helps.
Thanks very much Raks. I will see if I can incorporate the info and get the desired result.
Hooper ke, Did u get ur CBII configured yet? I hv a CBIII and I set my front speakers to full range. I also hv a quick set-up guide. Which speakers and sub do you have? Confirm u are using one sub. Regards, sparks81
I thought the only time you set your LF/RF to full range is when you have a towel speaker that you don't need sub. I have a pair of Paradigm Signature S4 and C5. Do I need to set my LF/RF to full to make my sub work?
Tamvu4... I think you're confusing the term "Full" with how other processors that are not as elaborate as your Theta use the terms "Large" and "Small". If you set your LF/RF speakers to "full", no low pass signal will be sent to the sub... because everything is being sent to the LF/RF speakers. To pass a low pass signal to your sub, your LF/RF speakers have to be set to either XOVER or Full/LP. If set to Full/LP, the LF/RF speakers will be sent the full range signal and a duplicate low pass signal is set to the subwoofer.