Programming quirks on Audiogon

I decided to post this as a forum, since I'm sure that other people have noticed this. When posting a forum topic, certain punctuation marks (brackets, question marks, and exclaimation points) mysteriously disapppear from the topic headline when posted, even when shown in the preview. Also, why do we have to sign in multiple times (forums, "my page", etc.)? Why not just ONE sign in for each visit to the Audiogon site? I find Audiogon a great site for all things audio and video! One of the reason that this site is so enjoyable is due to the ease of navigation while here. These changes would futher improve this site. Comments?
If you are on the home page for audiogon and log in under "My Page" I believe you can post as many comments you want without having to log in each time. If you don't log in under my page, I think it forces you to enter username and password each time.
the odd characters thing is from "escaping" those characters that could be intpreted by the code as special characters. In unix for example, you can sometimes escape to a shell with !, < and ? are characters in PHP that can be used to execute commands, etc. Simply security, but there are ways to take those characters as input safely...they probably just haven't bothered.

The login thing... sometimes I wonder about that too. I think they use cookies to some degree but some stuff is still buggy, like the bookmarking thing (on occasion).

Turn your firewall to allow cookies - may solve your problem.
That is, once response go to first lines only.