Prog Rock.....Porcupine Tree?

Ok, call me slow since I see these guys have been around for a while...Heard a sample of some of their music and was blown away...Which is the best album as a starting point...Also,,,how is their dvd?
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Yes, Lightbulb Sun is terrific. The 2nd one to get is "In Absentia", especially the DVD-Audio surround version - WHOA! You might also enjoy their XM Studios live stuff - VERY well-recorded, albeit in 2 channel. I also have their Waszawa Live album, well-recorded live in Poland.

They tour once or twice a year, you MUST see them - best live rock band out there right now...

Waszawa is a great starting point,has I believe three songs from Lightbulb Sun. The price for Lightbulb Sun on CD or Album is outrages on ebay although I have seen some japanese imports on Ebay going for twenty dollars. Wait because it is being re mastered and released this year with extras.
Another prog band you might like,it has heavy influences of Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd is a new band out of Poland called Riverside. Try their new offering Rapid Eye Movement.
Agree with Qdrone about Riverside, but I'd start with either the first or second one. Rapid Eye Movement is the 3rd best IMO.

A dissenting opinion on the best PTREE starting point. I'd go with Stupid Dream, their most acessable. If you want some extra crunch/metal 'In Absentia' and the new one 'Fear of a Blank Planet' are good bets.

From what I read, the band won't be touring in 2008 - the drummer is working with King Crimson and the guitarist/writer is doing some solo projects.
I personally like In Absentia the best but it is quite heavy - I have to be in the mood for it. Lightbulb Sun has gotten ridiculously expensive these days. Great to hear about the new remasters! I didn't know about them - thanks for the tip.

Deadwing is another good one, try Frost or Sylvan if you like PT
Just got into this group myself. Stupid Dream is one of my favorites as well as Voyage 34. Their new LP is very good as well. burningshed is their label check out the web site. Their lead singer, Steve Wilson, has a ton of side projects so there are those groups to look into as well.
Another member here at audiogon "proghead" is into PT big time and has given me alot of info on this band. I just purchased a few things from him as well. Currently he has some stuff listed. If you want to know anything about this band he a great person to talk with.
Good luck and enjoy!!
The PT DVD is spectacular - excellent performance, sound & picture. The camera work and post-editing is quite innovative and edgy, but doesn't get in the way of the music.
Funny moment at the encore when Steven Wilson breaks a guitar string just as he's starting the acoustic section of "Trains"...his "we'll just edit this out in the DVD" comment is priceless.
I agree with the rest of the posters...although "Deadwing" has some good stuff on it as well, "In Absentia" is a beginning to end classic.
Check out the bands "Seiges Even" (The Art of Navigating by the Stars album) and The Flower Kings (Stardust We Are, or Sum of No Evil albums) for more great prog!
Porcupine Tree has many different sounds so I would need to know what you like about them to be able to recomnmend as CD. For the more atmospheric stuff I really like Coma Divine. The newer CD's are more rock oriented but still contain some great musical passages. If you feel like one of these, the latest Fear of a Blank Planet is great. Lightbulb Sun is probably the best place to start to get an idea of what they are about.

If you like Porcupine Tree but would like to see what they would sound like if they were more pop oriented you should check out Blackfield. This is a collaboration between Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and Eviv Geffen (sp?), an Israeli pop artist. They have 2 CD's out and both are great as well as a really good DVD.

I agree about Riverside. I really like all 3 of their CD's but Second Life Syndrome is my favorite.
Their early albums were Steven Wilson by himself,The music psychedelic.Then with The Sky moves Sideways,Pink Floyd influnced.Signify they started rocking out,Stupid Dream,A Masterpiece finds them very Beatlesque with The song Don't Hate me,Think Pink Floyd Dark Side sorta.After that Lightbulb etc, they get heavier and heavier,think Tool maybe....If someone could replace Rodger Waters it would be Steven Wilson,A very prolific songwriter/songwriter.Their latest "Fear of a Blank Planet"is right in R Waters territory as far as the theme goes.....You need all their albums and you will quickly find out that a very large portion are highly collectable,well over a hundred for Many."Recordings"for example $150 plus.Steven Wilson is also a master marketer.I met the Band on the Stupid Dream Tour in SF Progfest and in LA House of Blues and a in Store signing at Tower.They were Absolutly Great then and The Best Underground Band out there.They've had a cult following for years and finally on a major label the last few years.And back to probably their own label to for certain releases.Steven firmly in control of his business.And as Trippy ,Proggy and Hard Rock his Music is unless he has changed,He doesn't get high.Never has is the word.Maybe thats one reason why he is so successfull and can be in several bands at a time..I have a huge PT Collection.CD,DVD-Audio's and LP's.Stupid Dream era on back Signed while on SD tour.Steven asked why people want their nice cd covers scribbled all over,I told him his Band was going to be big and I would sell them for Big Bucks.He Laughed.Huge Prog/Psych collection also.Enjoy your PT journey.I personally like the Lightbulb Sun and Earlier stuff.I bit mellower.If I was younger I'd probably like the later stuff more,Maybe.I'm 63.JD
Thanks for all the info guys...My taste in prog is Rush, Dream Theater, Spocks Beard etc...The tracks I heard were off of Fear of a B. Planet...So I first looked on this site and ebay for their music. My first thought was " these guys must be dead for their music to cost this much"...LOL...Think I will start with fear and their DVD..

Stick70, I will check in with proghead... Thanks for the suggestion..
Here is a stretch Zig, try Opeth. They are a band out of Sweden and have a sort of mutual admiration with Steven Wilson. You can even see each other's influences crossing into the other's music. But beware, they are a death metal band with cookie-monster vocals which they alternate with clean. The music is amazing and you will get somewhat used to the growling. If you want to start off lightly with them, get their Damnation CD which has no growling and soft jazz-like music. If you want to dive in get Ghost Reveries which is amazing. Their DVD Lamentations is also a good start since it has both styles and you can see what lovable guys they are.
Fear of a Blank Planet is different than their early offerings. If you like this offering then pick up Deadwing too because this is where the band turned in that direction of shorter songs with more hard rock influences. They have a best of the Early years and the remaster is great. Check it out,it is more Floydian than their current stuff.
In Absentia is great, I believe the drummer Gavin Harrison was new for that Lp. I know Mike Portnoy from Dream Theather who toured with porcupine tree and we both agreed the guy kicks ass!
Thanks for heads up Qdrone!
Try Djam Karet/The devouring.

yes! try Djam Karet! That's another great band that basically works from the back of their homes and puts out some of the most challenging music out there! The devouring, no commercial potential (try finding the original issue, it contains some of my favorite improvised tracks by DK). A night for Baku is another great offering. These guys are phenomenal. Go get the devouring and you'll be playing it on heavy rotation. it's got it all: mellotrons, crunching guitars, pounding bass, bashing's like the best jams that floyd did in the 70's but with an original voice. these guys aren't copycats. Their voice is very genuine and they know what they play and how to do it right. ESSENTIAL!
I remember that album was highly praised when it came out. I can't believe it's been at least 10 years or so. Amazing people too! I've met them before and they're super down to earth. Their live shows were incredible. I think I've seen them 4's very rare to see them play live. Phenomenal musicianship!

I'd start with Signify and work your way up.
their DVD is a lot of fun and quite inexpensive (unless you want the limited edition with postcards). Get it before it goes out of print. The XM recordings are also fun. Their catalog is quite extensive. Don't let it discourage you from getting into their music. Start wherever your budget allows and enjoy their music. it's a lot of fun!
Proghead, Mikedimitrov,

Djam Karet is amazing....Thanks for the recommendation...


Gonna have to touch base with you! See what other musical wonders I am missing out on...
I really want to like this band and I've listened to several clips at the store but I just can't find an entire album that appeals to me. What I REALLY liked was the instrumental stuff that sounded like The Orb. That track Voyage they have an album of stuff like that? I think you Floyd fans should check out The Orb album titled UFOrb.
Check out Liquid Tension Experiment.
Also Planet X is PF and PT influenced.
IF you like prog there's tons of discussion and information over at

Many threads on Porcupine Tree, as well as an entire poll on which album of theirs is most favored.

Check out the band Abigails Ghost

Prog is a four letter word. :P