Prog rock

Any of you going to this year's NEARFEST?It would be fun to meet there and exchange our knowledges.Mike
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Hi Mike,
Probably won't be going this year since U.Z. is only band in the line up that it'll kill me to miss. Since the event is being moved back to a smaller venue getting tickets could be pretty tough. Last year was cool (but the house PA was not good).Magma alternated between muddy and harsh. Real sloppy too, their chops are nowhere near as sharp as the Ruins who are heavily influenced by Magma, (i guess time doesn't stand still for anyone). Kraan and A. Vasarat were my favorites. It will be alot easier for me to hit the Baja Prog event in March. Softworks w/ Holdsworth/Hugh Hopper/John Marshall, Arti + Mestieri, KBB, Deus ex Machina and Anekdoten should all be pretty good.
I did not know U.Z. will be playing there this year,wow.And Baja prog fest?When is it?Mike