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Has anyone else’s " Profile Picture" (avatar) gone awol? I don't see any anymore, (site glitch??)

Cheers George
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Thanks for posting this George!  I thought maybe it was a problem on my end.  When I checked my profile, my avatar still shows up there but it doesn't show up on the posts.  All I see is a very thin rectangle in place of it.
Same here.

Just talked to Tammy at A'gone admin, they admit there's a problem and will get onto it Monday.

Cheers George
I see it fine. Btw @georgehifi what's the output impedance of your light speed attentuator preamp?
It mimics very closely a 10kohm logarithmic  potentiometer.

Cheers George
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No it will work fine, it's not the Lightspeed that has to drive the Pass, it's the source that has to drive both paralleled. 
So long as your source is 100ohms or less output impedance.
As it’s this that has to drive the combo of 10kohm LSA and 18kohms Pass, which it will do if 100ohms or less.

Cheers George