Professional Record Cleaning - Vinyl

I have a few records that I am not able to clean and remove all pops and hiss etc. Is anyone aware of a record cleaning service that does a professional job on heavy soiled albums.
Phone some of the record stores in your area and ask if they have a Monks or Loricraft or even a VPI or Nitty Gritty machine. Some will perhaps and I have had records cleaned for only a dollar.

Short of that, you can get pretty much state of the art record cleaning for about $200 or so even if you don't want to go the DIY route. Going DIY will get you there for even less if you want to make the effort. Just do a google search on "DIY record cleaning machine" or go to audioasylum and search the vinyl asylum for record cleaning info there; there's a ton of very good information there.
A couple of thoughts:

One, post your location and perhaps one or two fellow Audiogoners (is that a word?), could perhaps help you out, either as a favor, or for a reasonable fee.

Two, as the owner of a RCM (Nitty Gritty 1.0), which while admittedly is not the best RCM, is pretty decent, I have found that there are just some records that will not clean up completely. Some of the dirt/dust/gunk just can not be removed from the grooves. (This is one reason why I clean all my records before I play them the first time.) Once the gunk gets deep into the grooves it is difficult, to impossible, to get out. And playing a dirty record is an excellent way of pushing the gunk in so far, that it can not be removed. (As well as soiling your stylus, which should be cleaned fairly often as well.)

In the world of Analog, cleanliness is a way of life.
(Which for a slob like me is tough!)

My two cents worth on the subject anyway.

Good Luck, and if you are close enough to me, I would be glad to help you out.
I agree that a RCM is important, I beleive it's main purpose is to suck the crud fluid off the vinyl. So I feel that even more important for getting a record clean has to do with the brushes and fluids used. Some brushes are more effective of reaching into the grooves, and some fluids are more effective of loosening the dirt, mold, and whatever else lives on the records.

I don't know what brushes and fluids you use, but it might be something to consider and look in to. And again, a RCM for sucking up the crud can be easily made (DIY) for very little money and effort.