Professional monitors Dynaudio Acoustics

Has anyone heard or used professional monitors from dynaudio acoustics? Specially interested in M3 model active that requires external crossovers. What are the plus and minuses? I heard that the tone or timbre is very accurate but imaging is less of a priority in these speakers.

Just bringing this old thread up since its of recent relevance to me and there are no other threads on Dynaudio Acoustics here at Audiogon.

I recently purchased a pair of Dynaudio Acoustics BM5a powered monitors ( ). I should preface this with the fact that I am a huge Dynaudio fan and own some Audience and Contour speakers (and even some of their car audio gear!), but I have to tell you these little speakers are really GREAT. I might actually prefer them to my 52's. I think they may be a little rougher overall, but they have such a nice tonal quality about them... and for the money (sold separately at around $450 each) I don't know of a better speaker - and one that doesn't need an amp! I'd really like to see what a 5.1 setup with these would sound like - you'd only need a DVD player capable of direct outputs (and volume control) and some cable, and you're ready to listen! They also have a basic crossover, EQ and balanced inputs behind each speaker which is handy for simple setups.

They are definitely worth checking out. If you have a Guitar Center near you, stop in and have a listen. Have them connect a CD player directly to the speakers and bring a good CD with you. They blew me away..