Production of Harbeth anniversary edition speakers sold out!!

"For clarity, the entire production of Anniversary Harbeth speakers was sold out some months ago. We calculated how many we could make to clear our stocks of cabinets, crossovers, connectors and so on and offered that capacity to our trade customers, sold it and are in the final phase of production now. So, if you desire these exclusive speakers, you absolutely must visit your dealer and place an order immediately."

- 03.05.2020 Alan Shaw 

That's so Harbeth can market their new more expensive extented definition line.  There should be plenty of second hand anniversary models available when their new line starts to ship.  You know the drill.
Well - no WBT used in XD line as well as standard line of colors only. Actually, I do not think people will get rid of their Anniversary lines that quickly - those finishes, especially the Olive are to die for... :) 
My understanding is Alan Shaw is calling the XD a upgrade and the price with exceed the anniversary models.  The information could be wrong but I read it on another forum. 

the XD line also has a pretty significant price hike and might be even more noticeable for overseas buyers.

For what might be subtle change/improvements prior owners might be less ready to change out their regular/anniversary versions (I know Shaw in the past has even advised owners of say a M 30.2 to not buy the super 5 to ’upgrade’ as the difference is there but is it really worth the trade in and extra cost??)

At least the line of (5!) speakers will become a bit more unified for future customers instead of the more difficult choice that the regular/anniversary did, albeit at a steeper price.

I do suppose however there will be strong interest in the older models on the secondary/current market for those with a determination to find the exact sound signature they are looking for.

I wonder how prices will be stateside, regular compact 7 (which seems to be relatively better priced than the 30 or super 5) currently about US$4000 the XD might be....$5000 plus??

Honestly, I have compared the sound or "regular" 40.2 and 40.2 Anniversaries and in my room - I heard no difference BUT because of the WBT "jewelry" and Olive wood - I chose the pair of anniversaries to decorate my place.....Yes, Harbeth pricing is quite steep in US. 
Alan Shaw is not only a great speaker designer but he is also an amazing business person. He knows how to design and sell/market for sure!
Alan Shaw is not only a great speaker designer but he is also an amazing business person. He knows how to design and sell/market for sure!

I assume this is meant as a complement and not sarcasm but it's difficult to tell in a user forum.  
I actually find that Harbeth does not advertise all that extensively and instead relies on word of mouth and dealer devotion to grow their brand.  
They do very small and simple ads in the big magazines and have a very no nonsense approach to the wording they use to describe their products.  That said, Alan Shaw can seem a bit arrogant in the HUG group threads, but I think that's just his confidence in his vision for what his speakers are designed to do.  IMO this is his genius in business and marketing.  People who yearn for a no-BS business model gravitate towards this type of brand message.  
It's obvious that something is working.  They have experienced incredible growth in the last 5 years.  In full disclosure, I am a brand devotee.  
@snackeyp I own the SHL5s. I think Harbeth is one of the best speaker manufacturers. So, no sarcasm there. HUG is Alan Shaw’s best marketing tool IMO. He knows every aspect of this industry. 
I sensed that you might own a pair of Harbeths.  We are a special breed.  ;)

I have a few posts on this thread and I wanted to express that I am a Harbeth fanboy and Alan Shaw certainly knows how to create demand for his speakers.    I will be anxious to hear how the new XD line compares to the anniversary line.
After spending 30 years in business listening to countless speaker designs, some of them sickly expensive, I decided to settle on pair of 40.2 anniversary in Olive that are driven by a powerful pair of Simaudio mono blocks. I think I exited merry-go-round ride....
@arturgorniak I agree with you. I have heard a lot speakers also (probably not as many as you have) and I settled with the Harbeths. I also purchased the Falcon LS3/5A because they’re amazing also. However, few weeks ago I have heard the Joseph Audio Perspective2s and they became the best speakers I have ever heard. Though, at $15K, I am not sure when or if I can buy a pair:)
I heard Perspectives 2 but were not my cup of tea. Way too reveling in a long run for MY taste. 
I hear ya. What impressed me most with the Perspective2s was how close they sounded to live music. I haven’t spent too much time with them because I was at a show but they may make me tired to listen to after a short while, who knows.  I can listen to my SHL5s for hours with zero fatigue. 
@arturgorniak  I have the same speakers as you but drive them with a LFD NCSE Mk III.  It's an excellent combination.  Have you ever had the chance to hear this amp with your 40.2's?  I'm intrigued by your amp set up but my space is too small to run big amplifiers (based on physical space they take up) so my quest has been primarily limited to integrated amps.  Someday if I can set up a new music space I might experiment with some high power amps.  One this I'm certain of is the Harbeths are here to stay.