Product Review - Supra Sword Speaker Cables

I just wanted to post a quick and simple review to share a very unusual experience with everyone.

I was reading an older issue of HiFi+ a few weeks ago, and saw where they declared the Supra Sword as one of their Products of the Year. I went to the Internet and read the original review and when I read that they were supposedly similiar to the Nordost Valhalla cables, I became interested in trying a set.

Walter at Underwood HiFi, the audio dealer in Atlanta that also upgrades different pieces, had told me that if I ever came across a used set of Valhalla's, to get them. He didn't sell them, but had taken a set in on trade once and couldn't believe how good they were. He thought that they might work well in my system.

I contacted Madisound in Madison, WI, and Josh offered to sell me a set that Madisound had used at one of the stereo shows, so they were already broken in, to audition, and then refund my money if I didn't like them.

I received them two days later and when I put them in my system, I couldn't believe how much more 'natural and real' it sounded. I've got over $30k in this system and it sounded really, really good before I put the Supra Swords in.

What happened next says everything that there is to say about these speaker cables. I became so involved in the music one night that at the end of one of the songs, I started to get up out of my chair to flip the album over. I had forgotten that I hadn't had a turntable for years and that I was playing the CD!

That's hilarious, Krellman, about wanting to flip the LP. I can relate to your experience. I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your new speaker cables. It's a great feeling to get your system tweaked to the nth degree where you are just enjoying the music. Happy Listening.
I just started reading about these cables today. I'll be calling Madisound to give them a try.