Procul H's

I have the LP of this album and have always loved it, but it is at least 25 years old and beginning to sound noisy with clicks and pops

I decided to check out I found a "used-almost new" CD issue of a 1999 UK import. I went with this issue because I have often been disappointed with recent re-mastered re-issues. I also choose this particular issue because the remaining new ones through Amazon's vendors are $30.00 therefore assuming that this UK import is better than some of the newer reissues. I might be dead wrong!!!

This is an esoteric question, but does anyone have specific knowledge of the best CD issue of PH's timeless masterpiece??? Thanks, Jim
Sorry, Subject title was ERASED when I went to MAKE A SIMPLE EDITING CORRECTION.....Thank you, Jim
since every procol harum record is really good..which one are you talking about?
Home,A Salty Dog and Broken Barricades are available on MFSL CD and they sound superb. I have them but I do not know what they go for on the used venue.
JAYBO, The PH title I am asking about is "Salty Dog
Qdrone, I recall seeing new copies MFSL CD of Salty Dog on Amazon for about $50.00; I was not aware of the type of music on "Broken Barricades" PH even in the 60's and 70's was an acquired taste.

The Salty Dog LP was given to me by my brother, and I never returned it. I never checked e-bay or some of the LP shops touted by Stereophile in their once a year review of analog outlets.

I also ordered off Amazon the PH CD with a coral pink color cover with a ghostly woman figure on it. I checked the play list on the back, and it has some of their more popular songs, and some live bonus tracks.

I will again search for a VG copy of MFSL CD of "Salty Dog" Thanks for the info. Jim
Don't overlook the "HOME" CD. It is very similar to A Salty Dog,it was the bridge between what was to come in Broken Barricade. Trower starts to emerge on songs like Whisky Train,Whaling Stories but the rest is like A salty Dog.
There are 40th anniversary re-issued CD versions of Procol's catalogue with bonus tracks on SALVO. Salty Dog and others are great....
Received the 1998 reissue (not remastered) of PH Salty Dog last Thursday and it sounds very good. Good detail beyond original vinyl version, and the vocals are are clearer and and lyrics also. Though with the enforced standard shipping it still was over $11.00 Remember, about 10 years ago, CD manufacturers and record companies swore that CD prices would be cut in half....If the downstreaming music files through a DAC unit continues, The big shots of the music industry won't be able to give their CD's away..... unless as glass coasters
My CD version of Salty Dog from Repertoire Records sounds terrific on my system, but I have no other version with which to compare.
I think a CD for $11 is a pretty good deal if it sounds good. MFSL and Japanese SHM mini LP stuff (and XRCD) costs three to four times that. And that is for used MFSL CDs if out of print. New ones can be insane.
I have most every classic PH album and a few CD compilations and they have all always sounded pretty to very good depending.

PHs overall body of work is one the best and most varied in the rock music genre ever IMHO.
I have all of PH's stuff but the standout for me is my first pressing on vinyl of Salty Dog, absolutely outstanding in every way! On the other hand, Ive never been able to find a decent copy of Home (have 3 in trying to find a great one)-go figure! Might have to try the CD on that.
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