Processors On the Market Now

I currently have an Anthem d2V I have had since 2009 and was curious if there were any new (relatively) higher end processsors now available I might want to consider purchasing as a replacement. This processor is in our den where we have a 3 channel system comprised of B&W 805D's and HTM4, Panasonic Viera TC-P55VT50, Parasound A31, Oppo BDP-83 all powered through a Furman IT Reference 15i. We primarily use this for watching Directv and blu-ray discs.

One of my few gripes of the Anthem 2DV is that it can only receive software updates via a serial cable and a windows system. We are a mac only family.

Thanks all in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
I am not an HT person but you seem to have a very nice 2 channel set up. I would think outside the Mac vs. Windows issue you would be all set. You can almost allways ugrade how about better speakers? Bigger B&Ws??
Right. Buy a cheap/used PC laptop and stay happy.
We are an Apple dominant family too and have no issues with the AVM50v. Getting over the Windows hump is really easy with the Anthem--and especially with the Mac. It's so easy nowadays. It works and works very, very well.

I just completed the 3d upgrade on the 50v via my mac and couldn't be happier. If you don't want to fool with anything, you just have your local dealer do the upgrades for you and be done with it. They can do the 3D and the software upgrades now. The current software build is extremely stable and I don't personally forsee anything major in the next year or two that would warrant another software or hardware update.

If you want any help or tips, happy to help!
Call your local dealer. For a small fee, they might come out and update the software for you.
I will also say that the audio on the D2v is simply and utterly phenomenal. I just cannot think of any unit that will give you anything significantly "better". You'll regret getting rid of the D2v just for the perceived issue you're having. It's really not a big deal at all.
Thanks Internetmin, I would really appreciate help on how to upgrade using my MacBook Pro. It has a USB port yet the D2V will only take a serial cable. How did you solve for this? Also, can the .exe update file from the Anthem site be properly opened, ran and installed through a MacBook Pro (running OS 10.8.3)?

Finally, are you running the BootCamp assistant on your Mac to create a Windows partition?
The simple answer to your question is happy to help.

Yes I'm running boot camp. However you can also install Parallels or VMWARE Fusion. All three options work. Then you purchase the KEYSPAN USB to serial adapter. That's the only hardware you need. It converts the USB port into a serial. Then you plug on the serial cable and you're set. You will need to purchase Windows XP or 7 and install it on Bootcamp or Parallels. Then once you are booted into Windows, you install the Anthem software and you are set. You can run ARC, perform updates, etc. it's a piece of cake. Is there an Apple Store near you? If you don't feel comfortable with any of that you can make an appt with a Genius and have them help you set it all up or help walk you through it. In happy to help field questions as I'm sure others in this forum are too. To Kal's point, if you don't want to buy a copy of Windows then get the cheapest PC Laptop you can find, buy the Keyspan USB to Serial Adapter and use it on the windows laptop. Windows laptops seldom come with serial ports any longer.
Here is the amazon link to the Keyspan adapter.
If you live in Florida... close to Daytona... you can check out and hear my marantz av8801.. i also run b&w speakers and have an anthem p5 amp...