Processor loop for a Panasonic digital receiver?

Has anyone modified their Panasonic digital receiver to have a processor loop? I’m interested in running my Musical Fidelity tube buffer through the Panasonic – just to warm it up abit.
I took a look at the website and it shows a tape out and tape in. Typically this is a tape loop. When engaged the signal goes out to the external device (like a cassette tape recorder or an external processor) and back into the tape in. Unfortunately I did not see any instructions on how to engage the "monitor function.

I suggest you look at you manual for "tape monitor" or fiddle with your remote or the selector on the receiver to see if there is a tape monitor function. If there is, you can place your tube buffer into the tape loop to get the benefit.


If memory serves me correct the tape loop and the analog out only function for analog inputs, and the digital out only functions for digital inputs.
These receivers reportedly shine with digital signal in (the only conversion happens at the speaker terminals), but not so much with analog signals. So going for an analog loop might defeat the whole thing, unless you are running analog inputs. Keep in mind that the Pannies require a long "burn-in" time to soften out. Sorry, I quess I didn't answer your question... just my two cents....