Processor for Av passthrough

I'm changing from a meridian based pre/pro to a 2 channel tube pre with av pass. I am in market for a quality processor to use. I'm looking at the sony 9000es, nad 761, denon 2802/3, etc. Recs. Any of these used will bypass the internal amp, instead using the pre outs into my tube preamp and cary cinema 5 amp.
I may be missing something, but why don't you use the meridian? As long as you have a pass through on your pre, any processor can be used. Not sure what your question is.
I'm selling the meridian pre/pro to get a good 2 channel and quality cdp. I need a descent processor to pass through the new 2 channel into my amp.
Cheapest solution is acurus act 3 with ABM for around $500 range used. There won't be any cleaner more dynamic sound for DD/DTS for the money! There's lower signal to noise pre's out there however, but the ACt 3's more than liveable, and a veritable steal! You definitely won't find anything more dynamic or clear and detailed sounding for anything south of $1200 used
James, you really dont want to pass your good 2 channel through a Pre/Pro. More direct is better. Thats why a lot of the newer 2 channel preamps have a pass throught built into them.

I would recommend looking for a 2 channel preamp which allows your Pre/Pro to pass through it. The Modwright seems to be getting some good reviews from fellow A'goners.

Or maybe you're looking for a CDP with volume (or plan on using attenuators) in which case, would complicate things. I still wouldnt want the 2 channel signal passing through the Processor, and another set of connections, and cables, etc.
Distortion, I think what he's trying to infer, is that he wants to use the "dirrect through" on the 2 channel preamp, thus looping and AV pre/pro through that input (2 channels worth for L/R) when he does multi-channel stuff. I think his wording is a bit contrary and confusing, but think that's what he means anyway...could be wrong.
Thanks Flrnlamb, I did word it poorly.
Oh, I see, Receivers and well, um, yeah, the ACT-3 is good choice.